545 Patches for Genny

Here's 4 nearly full FXB banks & 1 blank Init bank(478 patches altogether) for the VST I previously posted about Genny.  Patches are from converted TFI's from the Instruments folder of the massive TFI pack that's been floating around on the internet & from the FB01 Preset Rom pack, some synth leads and there here and there but the banks are mainly instrument sound emulations.

Also included is an additional FXB with all of the sounds from Sonic the Hedgehog 1 sorted and categorized, thanks to Qjimbo at Metropeak.ca for the work he did sorting & naming all the TFI files, the individual TFI's and other formats are available at the Metropeak link,(See bottom)


545 Patches for Genny 23 kb

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Links to the Genny VST are in my previous post.


 Unfortunately after reviewing my blog to make sure all the links work correctly I discovered that the "Metropeak" website is no longer on the internet.  If anybody happens to have the Metropeak sonic pack please get it touch with me.


Recommended VST: Genny (Sega Genesis FM Emulation)

The following is copied from http://gendev.spritesmind.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1062
VST version:
And the FL version:

Interesting stuff:
-32 and 64 bit VST
-Will work on Mac
-Supports 16 midi channels controlling a YM2612 and an SN76489
-Imports TFI, TYI, VGI, and reads instruments from VGM/VGZ files
-Will also export VGI instruments
-Supports DAC sample playback

-Supports audio logging in VGM format
This is actually implemented now, I just need to clean it up and optimize a bit. Example:
Original song mixed with 10 instances of YM2612 VST:
Song partially ported and dumped using GENNY:

-Already has FL Studio native plugin support, allowing piano roll note bending and volume automation

I also wrote an envelope generator for the SN76489 support, here's a sample of what it sounds like: http://www.wonthelp.info/gennytest.mp3
and a sample of (early) SN76489 VGM dumping http://www.wonthelp.info/tester2.vgm
See above for a better example of what VGM dumping can do. 

 End of Copied Text From Link


This is a pretty great freeware Genesis FM emulation it's still a Beta version but I haven't really ran into any serious bugs with it, besides the Fl Studio version not working.  I'm pretty sure the same guy who created this made the YM2612 vst which was pretty cool as well but this one is more fully featured.  If imported TFI's are a good standard to judge by this synth is very comparable to AlyJamesLab's FMDrive vst, TFI files sounded about identical on each.  

One thing this has over FMDrive & VOPM is a PSG synth feature which allows you to copy an FM envelope to a PSG channel which works really well layered with the original FM sound.  This technique was common for alot of Genesis soundtracks.

It comes with 112 presets and a pretty great built-in preset manager with the already mentioned ability to import TFI, their's also a feature to import drum sounds that I haven't really figured out or messed with much. I'll be posting 4 banks of converted TFI files (478 patches) with general FM Instruments, & another bank of 77 patches from Sonic the Hedgehog 1 in the very near future.

265 Free Synth Drum Samples

A collection I've compiled of numerous drum samples I've created with various drum synths with a few re-synthesized samples as well.  I'm releasing this pack as public domain so it's free to use for any purpose at all, but I would appreciate if you didn't sell the pack as that would be pretty sleazy

20 Claps, 15 Cymbals, 40 FX Noises, 60 Hi-Hats, 50 Kicks, 45 Percussion Noises, 20 Snares, & 15 Toms (5 sets of Hi, Med, & Low) 16 Bit/44.1 kHz mono files.

No effects at all were added to any of the files, I just normalized all the .wav's and trimmed out the silence.  Any reverb type sound is just the decay envelope from the synth the sample was created on.


265 Digital Drums (Mono) 6 mb (13 mb unrar-ed)

Download Here