Long Overdue Update

Due to several factors the main one being that I don't make music as frequently any more, I haven't had any content to post here in quite a while.  Since I already have a pretty good set-up, decent amount of content & views, & still enjoy making music I don't intend on letting this blog die out like many others I've seen.  I plan to release several minor things to keep things rolling 'till I get in the mood to make more music and therefore more musically useful content. 

The first of these minor releases will probably be more video game soundsets for Genny & FMdrive as they don't take all that long to do and it won't take much to get to 1,000 patches for each which is pretty rare as far as free synthesizers go.  After that's done I plan on finishing up my first completely original full bank for Tone2's free synth Firebird, I already have all the sounds done all I really have to do is make some final cuts and adjustments then master each patch.  I also plan on figuring out a way to release some samples of the NES and Famicom expansion chips and other more obscure video game systems if possible.

In addition to the sample/soundware content I plan on putting out I plan on doing articles here and there on free synthesizers that aren't very well known.  My posts on Genny generated the highest views on the blog so it only makes sense to highlight other hidden gems to give them exposure and expand my views.  Also I plan on doing some updates here and there to the blog's design and layout & I'd like to find a free file hosting site besides google drive that tracks downloads and doesn't have invasive ad's but that hasn't proved very fruitful thus far.  Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome.

Most of my free time lately has been spent on studying how to code in attempt to produce a video games.  I've also been delving into romhacking as a stepping-stone and practice in working on graphics and sound without having to get too technical.  A really great tool I've found in working on graphics is Piskelapp.com, it's simplicity and feature set is pretty much unriveled as far as making animated sprites goes.  You can save online and export gifs, spritesheets, & other formats.  Here's 3 sprites I've made recently an Homer Simpson, a Robot, & Box-man.  (The homer and robot sprites are made with an authentic NES palette and color limit, the box-man isn't)

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