478 Patches for FMDrive

FMDrive is an accurate vst emulation of the Yamaha YM2612 FM synth inside the Sega Genesis by Aly James Lab .  It is available as a 32bit vsti for Windows from Aly James Lab's site for a "donation" of 10€ or more.  A non-SynthEdit version of this VST is reportedly in the works for this year which will have 64bit Windows and Mac versions.

Since the instrument only comes with 40 presets and is pretty difficult to program I went ahead and converted a bunch of TFI files I downloaded from Aly James' site into FXB banks and shared them for other users.  The "Xtra Bank"s are the "FB01 Preset Pack" tfi files converted into FXB's alphabetically 235 patches altogether. The "TFI Bank"s are from the Instrument's folder of the "Full TFI Pack" converted folder by folder so the patches are more grouped in these banks. 243 patches altogether in 4 banks.


478 Patches for FMDrive 74 kb

Download Here


While the internal preset browser appears to support a full 128 patches only the first 64 appear in the DAW menu so rather than risk the banks not working properly I just made the banks 64 patches(or less) so therefore theirs twice as many banks here than in the Genny set.  When I get some time I'll also go ahead and convert the Sonic 1 soundbank to FMDrive as well.


Unfortunately after reviewing my blog to make sure all the links work correctly I discovered that the "Metropeak" website is no longer on the internet.  After searching my computer I realized that I don't have the metropeak sonic 1 tfi set so I don't know if I'll be able to provide the sonic 1 bank as promised if I can somehow export the sounds from Genny to a format FMDrive can load I will definitely do it but manually importing all the Sonic 1 TFI's and recreating the set is a bit of a tedious task for a synth that may be updated and change significantly.  If anybody happens to have the Metropeak sonic pack please get it touch with me.

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