8 Synthesizer Soundfonts

After working on the previous post with the SMS soundfonts I realized that awhile ago I also made a couple soundfonts when I first started learning the basics of sound design and experimenting with synthesizers.  These by far aren't amazingly complex synthesizer sounds but in playing with them a bit before posting this I found they're perfectly usable sounds.  The one downside of these is that when I made them I also didn't know much about sampling either so theirs no loop points and the the sound levels vary from patch to patch(but obviously not within a patch).

I'll try to briefly describe each sound Alien Pad - detuned sci-fi pad type sound, Electroacoustic Bass - a moogy sound with fuzzy harmonics works as a g funk lead in higher octaves, Electronic Bass - a bass sound with a fuzzy electrical buzz sound, Electronic Violin - really crude attempt at emulating the violin with a saw lead type sound, Fuzzy Funk Lead - basic lead with a heavy flanger effect,  Ghostride Bass - basic saw bass sound kinda lacking in the low end though works as a g funk lead in higher octaves, Pure Sub Bass - pure sub bass tone works well layered with higher frequency basses, West Coast Sub - a saw/sub bass with a beefy low end.


Contains the Pure Sub Bass, Electronic Bass, Fuzzy Funk Lead, & Electronic Violin mix is kind of bad.


Various Old Soundfonts 55 mb (96 mb unrar-ed)
Various Old Soundfonts (folder with invidual files)


I've learned a good bit since making these but I still like these sounds.  For future synthesizer sounds on this blog I'll likely be posting them as bank files for individual synths(About 75% done with my first synth bank created from scratch) but if I happen to have a bunch of patches on various synths that I can't do a whole bank for I may do another release like this.

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